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AVIVA Merrillville offers an outstanding, nationally recognized senior living management staff and well-trained caregivers—including licensed nurses—assuring residents and their families of high standards and competent memory care. AVIVA Merrillville is a place where every resident of the senior living community will feel a heightened sense of security and enjoy the ability to live as independently as possible.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life is more than just quality care. As we get older, we tend to have more appreciation for all things that improve our quality of life, especially when they enhance our vitality and health. Staying healthy in mind, body, and spirit requires a special set of circumstances and a keen focus on one’s individual needs. For many seniors, being able to live independently is the key; for others, having a sense of life purpose and continued health is paramount.

At AVIVA, we measure our success by our ability to cultivate the highest “Quality of Life” for each of our residents as individuals.

This is achieved by means of our Quality Care and by serving the individual needs of each of our residents through:

  • Our Staff
  • Our Health & Wellness Programs
  • Our Social Activities
  • Our Communities & Amenities
  • Our Leadership
  • Our Kindness and Compassion

Living with Confidence
A Comprehensive Wellness Program

Positive Psychology

Studies show that positive psychology can alleviate depressive symptoms and increase overall wellbeing, particularly in older adults. Including mindfulness, brain fitness activities and spiritual opportunities, these programs shift the focus to positive life experiences, and help seniors cope with the challenges that aging presents.

Sensory Design

From aromatherapy and digital signage to soothing music, each community is intentionally designed to engage all the senses and promote vitality and engagement. We offer interactive technology that enriches residents’ lives, connecting residents with each other and their families. Dining is a multi-sensory experience, sculpted to engage with life, create new friends and enjoy healthy food. And residents are kept up to date with events, menus and activities through the community’s dedicated TV channel.

Progressive Engineered Environment

Advanced design and technology is woven into all aspects of the community, including innovative senior living spaces, electronic life safety programs, electrostatic sprayers for disinfection, and individual washers and dryers. A digital healthcare monitoring system collects health behavior data while providing communication with key staff.

Brain Healthy Nutrition

Our communities offer diverse and delicious menus that incorporate a variety of foods that affect brain health, which may lower the risk of memory decline. We focus on whole foods, including leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, berries, whole grains, fish, poultry and extra virgin olive oil.


Physical vitality improves health, self-esteem and socialization. A wide array of physical activities are available, including fitness equipment specially designed for older adults; muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise; yoga, dance and stretching; walking and running programs; balance improvement to reduce fall risk; and physical therapy as needed to recover from an injury.


The body repairs itself during sleep. Essential to rejuvenation of cellular tissue and minimizing decline, seven to nine hours of sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep issues can interfere with an older adult’s daily activities and reduce their quality of life, which is why sleep improvement can make such a significant difference in health and well-being. Sleep improvement is achieved using our healthcare monitoring system.

Medication Delivery

An Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMar) helps facilitate the distributing, tracking and ordering of medications safely and efficiently. In partnership with local pharmacies and our onsite licensed nurse and med tech, the eMar software ensures the delivery of the right medication, at the right dose, and at the right time.


Dehydration is the leading cause of hospitalization in seniors. So hydration is a critical component of our overall wellness program. Residents have 24-hour access to water at stations throughout each community and are served a glass of water at every meal.

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